VCare herbal hair oil pack of 2

Healthy hair is an indication of healthy body. The bounciness and shine of your hair shows how good is your lifestyle. Today, unfortunately owing to imbalance in physical condition people face many hair problems. Losing 50 to 100 hairs may be normal but unusual hair loss need to be attended immediately. Vcare Herbal Hair oil has been developed to combat hair loss problems and to promote hair growth.

It is 100% natural and said to be made by COLD processing and Chromo therapy treatment. Vcare herbal oil is distinct from other hair oils as it is made using natural oils and natural substances. Also, it does not use any preservatives or synthetic fragrances.

Vcare herbal oil contains specially chosen essential oils that will add sheen to your tresses. This product directly comes from the house of hair care, enriched with essential natural substances.It strengthens your hair roots, accelerates hair growth, gives bounciness and retains your hair color. Further, it enhances hair density, increases hair length and thickness and also prevents baldness.

Hair is not only a woman’s crowning glory, it is important for men too. Without hair, you can never look presentable and appealing. Nowadays hair loss is also found in children. Vcare herbal oil is developed considering people of all ages. Anyone can use Vcare herbal oil to strengthen and improve the hair.

The oil formulation is based on principles of aromatherapy and chromo therapy. Vcare herbal oil is the stunning result of six years extensive research followed by wide clinical trials. Our herbalist and other research experts worked together to deliver this high performance herbal hair oil.

The underlying reasons of hair fall like poor scalp condition; disturbed blood supply to the scalp; inadequate oxygen transportation to the hair follicles; bad immune system; metabolic disorders; hormonal aggravation, and genetic predisposition are all considered and studied by our experts. This helped them to bring the best product to the market that fight all these conditions and protects hair at the same time promotes good hair growth.


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