VCare henna natural powder pack of 5

Henna application to hair is an old technique used for ages to dye hair, skin and nails. Henna boosts hair growth, makes your hair shiny, prevents pre mature hair fall, serves as a sunscreen, and imparts moisture to your hair.

Henna usage is very popular as it is a natural dye from plant source which also comes with other advantages.Vcare natural henna powder comes with all the goodness of henna and also uses hair healthy ingredients like Hibiscus, Amla and Haritaki.

Hair is made of protein and this coloring plant henna is a good source of protein, so it provides the hair the necessary protein and repairs the cuticles. Henna which is also known as Lawsoniainermis has a great coloring effect on the hair, it gives you red orange color covering all the grey hairs.

Henna is very good in balancing the pH of the scalp and is capable of treating scalp problems like dandruff and dryness. Henna is also helpful in reversing the effect of pollution on the hair.

Vcare henna is made using the finest quality handpicked herbs from the farm of Rajasthan. Vcare henna prepared using henna and hair friendly ingredients not only impart nice color to the hair, it also acts as a good conditioner making the hair sleek and shiny.

Besides coloring and conditioning, this powder has the ability to cool the scalp. Henna is effective since it gels very well with the natural protein in the hairthereby stimulates hair growth. Regular use of Vcare henna can make your hair healthier and stronger.


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