VCare Lice & Nits Pack of 10

Presence of lice and nits make the person feel very embarrassed. Especially parents become very uncomfortable when they find lice in their child’s head. Though this is a very common problem, it has to be treated immediately to avoid any inflammation. Head lice are tiny wingless insect that live on human scalp.

Nits are lice eggs which are strongly glued to the hair. Lice and Nits together cause an itchy scalp, red bumps or spots on the scalp and nape of the neck. Lice move from head to head without any discrimination. Head lice can affect people across all ages but it is very common among children between 3 to 12 years.

Lice and Nits treatment from Vcare is best as it protects you and your family from lice infestation. It makes the lice go breathless or tranquilizes them. It also has the ability to deactivate nits. Besides removing lice and nits, it also washes away the dirt and restores healthy scalp. Lice infestation is a problem faced throughout the world, Vcare lice and nits treatment comes handy to protect your scalp from the little monsters.

No more relying on shampoos and other soaps. Just use Vcare Lice and nits to get rid of the little monsters that annoy you now and then.


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