GRAND Shine Weather Guard Emulsion


Quick Drying / High Speed Automotive Finish is a alkyd type paint that providesgreat durability while being noted as fast drying paint. It is formulated to give tough durable, beautiful, high gloss and high build film on wood and metal surfaces. Its superior hiding combined with an exceptional high gloss level, leads to a excellent long lasting finishing appearance. It is suitable for both interior and exterior substrate surfaces such as furniture gardensets, bicyle, automotive and farm equipments. On occount of high Durabily it can be used as a finishing top coat over epoxy and chlorinated finishes.


  • Classification - Quick drying Enamel Paint.
  • Type - Modified Alkyd
  • Gloss - High Gloss
  • Type - Single Pack
  • Solids by voloume - 42%by volume
  • Flash Point - Above 25’c
  • Drying -
    • Touch Dry -20 minutes
    • To Handle -2 hours
    • Hard Drying- Over night

Surface Preparation

Rubilux automotive Quick Drying Finishes is designed for application to suitably primed surfaces, suitably primed surface include steel,Aluminium, Zinc Coated Steel, Concrete, fiber glass, The primed surface should be free from grease, oil, dirt and other loosely adhering materials. The primer applied should be let to Hard dry and well cured. TypicalPrimer Recommended are Rubiluxskpsgrey,Rubilux zinc chromatc yellow primer Epoxy primer and Chlorinated Rubber Primer.

Application Details Stir the contents throughly before and during use.

  • For Brushing :Can be applied without thinning. However add up to 5% of ST222 or ET 101 Thinner depending up on the cosistency
  • For Spray :Depending up on the consistency add 5 to 10 % of ST 222 Thinner orET 101 Thinner

WARNING Do not apply while raining or in very high moisture on the surface.

STORAGE This product should be stored in cool, well-ventilated area, away from heat and direct sunlight. Stir well before use.

** TSR Refers Coverage which varies from conditions of the surface, application methods and applicators.