Zinc Chromate Yellow Primer


DESCRIPTION: Rubilux Zinc rich yellow primer is a premium anti corrosive primer recommends mostly in a metal surface involves frequent contact with water and coastal areas. It having good anti corrosive property with the presence of zinc content and acts as a excellent primer in metal surfaces which needs premium finish in exterior applications. Coastal region residents need to be primed with this primer to have better topcoat for durability. The surface includes all metals can be protected by this primer with proper surface preparation.

SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface to be primed should be clean, dry and free from all dirt , grease and other sticky materials. Remove all such materials by suitable abrasive paper and wiped off. Now apply a coat of primer in the bare metal surface. The surface to be coated atleast 2 times to ensure the final coat application. Make the surface to be uniform to adhere the primer on to the surface which ensures the anti corrosive property. Allow the primer to dry to over night. Needed to apply the second coat with 3-4 hours interval of time.

THINNING: It can be ready for application , but need to be mix well before brushing. If requires add 1 part of thinner (M.t.oil) with 10 part of the primer. Spray application is suitable for this primer as it needs uniform thickness of coating in throughout the surface.