Powder Based Acrylic Wall Putty


Rubilux Super Synthetic Enamel has superior sheen that promises its fantastic stunning finish lasts twice as long as other enamel. This product ensures special anti-yellowing, non-fading and gloss retention properties with recommendation for exterior application of any surfaces. It gives complete property of coating by taking care of Protection and luxury finish for the beautiful dwelling.


SURFACE PREPARATION: Clean and dry the surface. Remove all loose or poorly adhering materials by rubbing down using a suitable abrasive paper like 180- 320 no paper depends on the type finer finish .( May also be used in combination as required) surface should be wiped off.

PRIMING: Apply a coat of Rubilux solvent base primer for the best results specific to surface and allow it to dry. Fill cracks and dents, if any, with appropriate solvent borne putty. Allow it to cut-dry and then sand it for leveling with suitable emery paper. Wipe clean and, apply another coat of primer. Allow the primer coat to dry overnight, for best results.

  • Metal Surface - Rubilac Red Oxide Metal Primer
  • Wood Surface - Rubilac Wood Primer( White or Pink )
  • Masonry - Rubilac Solvent Based Cement Primer

THINNING: Thinning is required, so add Mineral Turpentine Oil ( MTO)/ General purpose thinner 1:10 ratio with paint by volume. Conventional Spray needs Additional thinning depends on the surface and finish. Airless Spray - Follow recommendations of the equipment supplier, may take dilution up to 35%.

FINISHING: Brush, Roller & Spray Application. Re-coatable in 4-6 hours. For best results re-coat after overnight maturity. Apply at least two coats for desired finish