TEXTURE finish for furniture


DESCRIPTION: This finish Can be mixed with synthetic enamel for enhancing the gloss. Its special alkyd formula gives a natural finish that nourishes and protects interior wooden surfaces. This product specifically adds to enamel for increase in sheen of the final paint.

  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with synthetic enamel
  • High gloss retention

SURFACE PREPARATION: For pre-polished wood, remove all existing coatings by sanding or scraping. For new wood, sand surface smooth using emery paper no 180 .Wipe off loose dust particles. If required remove dust and grease using a cloth soaked in thinner, For uneven surfaces, apply a filler coat using a putty knife or muslin cloth. Remove excess filler and allow small pits and minor cracks to dry for 1 hour. Staining is optional. Sand off with emery paper no. 180 followed by 320. Wipe off loose dust particles.

FINISHING: Stir Rubilux Synthetic Clear Varnish well. Suitably thin it in Thinner for ease of application. Strain it through a nylon cloth. Apply it by brush or spray. Give 10 hours between coats for best results. Sand down between coats with 320 - grit emery paper after drying of previous coat.