SKPS White Primer


DESCRIPTION: Rubilac white primers is a solvent based economical primer for all interior wood surfaces that protects the wood grains and provide uniform surface for subsequent top coats. It enhances the better finish of enamel paint as topcoat in the wooden surfaces. It provides initial anti corrosion to wood in the construction sites.

SURFACE PREPARATION: The surface to be primed should be clean, dry and free from all dirt , grease and other sticky materials. Remove all such materials by suitable abrasive paper and wiped off. Now apply a coat of primer. If required use a RUBILUX Acrylic wall putty to fill any defects in the surface to make it uniform to adhere the primer on to the surface. Allow the primer to dry to over night. If needed apply a second coat with 3-4 hours interval of time.

THINNING: It can be ready for application , but need to be mix well before brushing. If requires add 1 part of thinner with 10 part of the primer. Brush application is suitable for this primer.