RUBILAC Automative finishes


DESCRIPTION: Rubilux –Satin Finish is ahigh quality mid-sheen enamel paint that not only enhances beauty of home, but is also a tough paint film that protects interior surfaces for years. Recommended for interiors use, both plastered walls and wooden surfaces. This Finish requires roller for application to get the desired finish of the wall with pearl-like finish.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Ensure surface is dry and free from grime and dust. Remove loose or flaking particles. Scrape the surface using Emery paper and wipe clean. For smooth surface, coarse cutting should follow cutting by Emery Paper no. 320 before wipe-cleaning.

PRIMING: Prime surface with Rubilac Wood Primer for wood or Rubilac Cement Primer solvent based and allow it to dry for 6 to 8 hours, till it becomes tack free. Resolve and smoothen the surface by applying good quality solvent-based putty after applying the first coat of primer. Allow putty to cut dry. Do light sanding using Emery paper no.180. Apply second coat of primer and allow it to dry for 6 to 8 hours and wipe clean. For best results, repeat putty and primer application, dry completely and apply one coat of Rubilux Brilliant White Enamel paint. Allow it to Hard Dry.

FINISHING: Can be applied by brush and roller. To get typical pearl-like finish, specially designed roller application is necessary over wet paint. Stir paint thoroughly and strain through muslin cloth before use. Apply 2 coats of paint over the primed surface after thinning. Do light sanding between coats if required, after proper drying. Re-coatable between 6-12 hours under standard drying conditions as the drying vary from climatic conditions.