Acrylic Wall Putty


DESCRIPTION: Rubilux Smooth Acrylic Finish Washable Distemper is a water based distemper for all types of normal interior masonry surfaces based on Acrylic Emulsion. It is made available in an comprehensive shade range and provides a smooth and durable matt finish on the applied surfaces. It gives excellent smooth and matt finish which is washable after seven to ten days of application.Enhanced material combination that gives the surface an admirable smooth finish, advanced to an ordinary distemper finish. Superior colour delivery with brighter and cleaner shades makes the wall beautiful than ever before. Improved ease of brushability makes the application faster and finer.

SURFACE PREPARATION: Allow the newly plaster surface to mature for minimum of 3 to 4 month before starting the paint Job and for repainting. The previously painted Distemper / Lime based coat / should be removed by Scraping off with wire brush and sand paper. The Scraped Surface should be cleaned and free from loose and dust particles. Apply one coat of Rubilux Cement Primer Water Based or Solvent based, Allow the Primer coat to dry and Fill up the dents and other surface imperfections with Rubilux Acrylic Wall Putty and if necessary apply full putty to get uniform surface. Allow the applied putty to cure and sand with emery paper 180 to get well smooth surface. Now apply one coat of previously used Primer to eliminate Patchy appearance in final coat.