Founder's Insight

Chairman & managing director

Aachi is a term synonymous with love, care, concern and so is the brand Aachi. The unmatched quality of the array of products stand testimony to our bench marked credentials, making Aachi a household name. Aachi’s success mantra lies in its quality, affordability, availability, through its competitive marketing strategies that reaches out to the customer even in the remotest village, thanks to its strong distribution network.

To match the demand and supply of its products, and to retain their competitive advantage, Aachi consistently follows the GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), Strategic procurement, GLP (Good Laboratory Practices), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and effective Human Capital Management. Being a pioneer in adopting cutting edge technology in the Indian masala industry has stood Aachi in good stead, where mechanization is used for cleaning and processing of blended masalas & spices.

A vibrant and dedicated research team works round the clock rendering back and front end support, ably headed by a veteran Medical Practitioner together with a batch of doctoral level scientists, aided by professionally qualified food technologists, and technicians. The in house R&D lab – “Scientific Food Testing Services”, prides the use of latest technology in certifying the existing products for quality conformance, improvising upon the existing products and in evolving new products on a continual basis.

Products diversification has always been sought after keeping in mind the changing demands of customers. This ensures that the products adhere to International Standards. Aachi has grown phenomenally Pan India within a span of 15 years, owing to which it has been the recipient of the India’s No.1 and Most Trusted Brand (Trust Research Advisory), besides being evaluated by KPMG as “Asia’s Fastest Growing FMCG Brand”.

Aachi Products are currently exported to over 30 countries and well accepted in the Asian and European Communities. During 2015 - 2016, Aachi has touched a turnover of 10,000 Million (10 Billion) and expects to reach 20,000 Million (20 Billion) by 2020. My cherished dream is that Aachi products should be available across the globe and I wish all our customers a healthy and tasty living. “We provide food that customers love, day after day. People just want more of it”

Director's Mission


Mr P. Ashwin Pandian Executive Director

Aachi prides to be from the country that houses the “land of spices” & “spice gardens”, and its products enjoy the journey through the spice route it traverses, down south to Pan-India and over 30 countries. Beaconing its past, Aachi readied for its global journey, which has evolved pragmatically. Keeping the changing needs of customer and the market dynamics like recessionary turbulences, distributional bottlenecks, and aggressive competition and fighting spurious products, it has only made it move from milestones to touchstones. In ensuring its commitment of making the products available to all segments of the society at affordable prices, by continual improvements, and quality conformance, Aachi has kept its manufacturing platforms abreast with the technology.

Today it prides to be the one and only to use Cold Grinding Technology in India that does not damage or alter the chemical composition of the raw material and retain the volatile components, aroma and natural taste. It provides higher production rate, lower energy consumption, finer particle size, lower grinding cost, no heat generation which is good while grinding spices and provides an inert atmosphere thus eliminating the possibility of oxidation. In an endeavour to make Aachi products available even at the remotest village of the country at any point of time, the product cycles are kept agile with value added supply chains & distribution channels. The overwhelming demands are met with the help of triumphant teams, operating under the guidance of industry veterans and Subject matter experts.

Aachi fosters welfare & free services to all its employees and their families, besides the differently abled employees and the society in myriad ways. In the Aachi way, it sets it apart from others, the way it cares & delivers for its customers, employees & stakeholders, and stands behind every product we sell.


Mr P. Abishek Abraham Executive Director

The Numero –Uno position of Aachi today in the Indian Masalas & blended spices stands testimony of the times. Moving from one product in 1996 to a product continuum of 250 products and its 700+ SKU’s, with many more products waiting in the foray to see the light, Aachi has taken a giant leap by then to the league of FMCG’s, evolving as a top brand today and more in the offing is attained through well sculpted vision, mission, relentless progression, perseverance, and unflinching determination with an instinct for excellence. Aachi as a change agent & pacemaker believes innovation as a turnaround factor in the era of competitive markets and Globalisation.

It has redefined the branding & marketing strategy to many in the foray of FMCG and its big league. Pursuing quality in all its components has become its second nature. The satiating and symbiotic relation Aachi products are creating, are inevitably not a wonder and have only reinforced us to be more responsible. While relieving the toiling women from the shackles of the kitchen, having multitude roles to be played in a day, has ushered them to preserve the ethnicity of the dishes made out of its Masala’ easily and at their convenience. Diversifying from the Masalas, blended spices, ready to eat, ready to cook, to house hold items, laboratory services are the rare to dare ventures. Aachi owing its success to the society believes in giving it back more in measures, by way of philanthropy and providence for the social causes.

Aachi in conformance to higher levels of corporate governance has an effective succession plan and to substantiate it, all its business Units/departments are ably headed by a vivacious team thus taking Aachi Group to the next level.

Spices Processing Unit

Procurement : An all encompassing & holistic approach begins with Aachi associating directly with the farmers in its procurement of raw materais, and educating them on better agricultural methods and techniques like drip irrigation, vermin-composting and its usage, organic farming, rain water harvesting and conservation of water bodies to assure them with greater returns while eliminating the role of middle men. The unique procurement policy followed by Aachi is a strategic combination the spot market and forward purchase mechanism, with care to include procurement details, like quantity, quality, delivery time lines, place and price besides a cost effective inventory holding to ensure a win-win situation for the farmers, suppliers and themselves.

High quality raw materials are sourced from the best suppliers from India as well as from other countries. Stringent quality control measures are applied followed by appropriate processing that helps to retain the quality and flavour and to ensure food safety. Robust vendor management system been followed to ensure best quality products delivered to the customers.

Process : To compliment the ever growing demands of its Masala products, and having the agility to get into the then contemporary concept of ready to eat and ready to cook foods, Aachi established a factory at Red Hills, Chennai in 2010, namely the ASFPL (Aachi Spices Foods (P) Ltd , which enabled the launch of a range of ready-to-eat and ready to cook foods. In the process, Aachi has shifted to the big league of FMCG. The ever increasing demands of Aachi made masalas & spices from the international market, manded a dedicated Export Unit set up at Kolladi, Chennai in 2013, manufacturing products exclusive for exports, taking into consideration the compliances and the regulatory procedures of the countries of export. Since then it has been exporting to almost 30 different countries, continents of the globe.

With the advent of and to keep abreast with the technological advancement, Aachi keeps its manufacturing platforms continuously upgraded. The exclusive Chilly and Coriander grinding units at Gummidipoondi, Chennai uses an advanced technology called the Cold Grinding Technology, where in it does not damage or alter the chemical composition of the raw material and retain the volatile components and delivers best taste, aroma and natural colour. The factories are ISO, HACCP, GMP, HALAL & KOSHER Certified.

The Synergy… Aachi

Quality AACHI endeavours to apply the state-of-art facilities and testing methods of National and International Standards and Requirements in chemical and biological testing of food and food products. Aachi has technically competent staff who carry out the test with the latest scientific and technical knowledge and offer accurate, reliable, and traceable analytical results to ensure safety and quality food product, while serving for utmost customer satisfaction. The management is committed to good professional practice with emphasis on continual improvement in compliance with ISO/ IEC 17025:2005 standards and also to achieve these goals through knowledge Base.

The laboratory is NABL accredited and fully equipped with hi-tech facilities for chemical and biological analysis not only in food sector but also other emerging sectors like biotechnology, nutraceuticals and herbal research. Mr. Isaac attributed his resounding success to “provide common man with quality food products at his affordable price”. In Aachi factories, all workers are provided with best food and shelter. It is the satisfaction of all stakeholders that has put Aachi in its Uno Numero position. Total Quality Management and Good Manufacturing Process are a way of life in Aachi. All product flows are monitored on-line as part of Quality Assurance. Quality Analysts keep close vigil on Process Flow for compliance and Standard Operating Procedures and Regulatory Issues.

R&D A round-the-clock vibrant Research and Development (R&D) team strives hard to translate into reality the needs and fast changing requirements of the consumers in a spirited manner. Keen observation during walks and travel have worked as potential study material for market analysis in terms of food habits, product usage and consumer preference. This is done in conformance to Industrial quality guidelines and specifications that are very stringent in Food Processing Industries.

Central Quality Assuarance Team, CQAT, monitors the on-going production to fulfil the high quality expectations of Aachi. CQAT recommends improvements in process, automation, modernizing present facilities and implementing latest testing methodologies to check food adulterants, qualify inherent properties of process ingredients and human health pathogens to the top management. Vendor Audits are made to identify best suppliers of repute. Aachi CQAT bears the moral responsibility of achieving the vision and quality policy of Aachi. It strives hard to protect Aachi brand name and retain its reputation. For ED SIR’S PORTFOLIO kindly REFER OUR AACHI WEBSITE..

Competitive pricing

It is interesting to discover that the influence of spices went beyond aroma and health benefits; it built a new world order.